Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Shower #3 - Adam's Family

We had our third and final baby shower today with Adam's family. Kitty & Kathy put on a lovely event at, what seems to have become, the Richter family gathering space. It was great to see both the men and women and kids of the family at the shower. Just as at most Richter family gatherings, there was food and people a-plenty, but this time there were many fun games also. We had a gift BINGO and lots of word scrambles, along with a mad libs story about the birth of our baby (who's name in the story turned out to be Elmo).

We were showered with gifts for baby, of course. I think Adam's favorite was a monkey backpack/harness that he had put on our registry. Though we really enjoyed getting Adam's baby blanket (made by his grandma Barb) and his baby moccasins from Adam's parents. Also, from my parents, we received the baptismal gown that my grandma Eleanor hand made for my dad, which I also wore. The gown was wrapped in a small quilt that she had also made out of scraps of fabric from a quilt project I had done when I was in high school (I coordinated the making of seventy-five quilts that were donated to Gillette's Children's Hospital in St. Paul).

Adam's monkey backpack/ harness

Adam's baby blanket made by Adam's
grandma Barb, and baby moccasins
(need to find a new lace for one of them!)

My dad's and my Baptismial gown,
hand made (she didn't have a
sewing machine at the time) by
my grandma Eleanor

Quilt made by my grandma Eleanor out of
scraps from a quilt project I did for Gillette's
Children's Hospital in St. Paul.

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  1. I think my favorite was the wooden spoon and salad fork...=)