Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 7 Growth Spurt = Not Fun for Mommy

At the end of week 6 and through most of week 7 I was feeling pretty great. My stomach didn't hurt, I was eating well, my back would hurt sometimes, and of course I am always tired, but it was pretty easy to deal with. But the last couple days of week 7 I started to get my stomach ache back. I remember reading that during week 7 your baby grows a lot, and the brain cells are developing very quickly. I'm wondering if the baby is stealing all the food in my stomach for the energy to grow and leaving me with a stomach ache & hunger pains!

Adam agrees with me now, that I do look like I'm just a very little bit pregnant. You can't tell through my clothes, but if I lift up my shirt, and you know what my belly looked like before... well, it doesn't look like that so much any more.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I think the nerves are calming down a little now, and we're getting more used to the idea of being parents. It's starting to get exciting!

We have told my parents and brother, and his parents, and some of his siblings. My mom is so excited to be a grandma! She found some Winnie the Pooh fabric to make a crib quilt for the baby, and we're talking about how to decorate the nursery. My brother is super excited to be an uncle! Adam's mom was talking about finding stuff at the thrift store when she went last week.

We are starting to look at names. I already know that if it is a girl, I would like to name her after my grandmother who died a few months before our wedding. We're not sure if we'll use her name, or a variation or nickname, because Adam's not totally sold on the whole name. For a boy I always like Michael & Jonathon, but those names are already in Adam's family (his dad & his brother). But, we have a short list of boy's names picked out, though I think I know which one I like best already!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Almost Real...

I think for Adam and I, its becoming more and more real each day that we, with the help of God, have created a child together, and about 8 months from now, are going to welcome him/her into this world.

For Adam, I think what made it more real this week was having the doctor confirm the pregnancy. The nurse that confirmed with us, sat down to give us a few details of what we needed to do next. I need to make an appointment for when I'm 8-10 weeks along. I was hoping that I could stay with our doctor's office, since I have been there for quite a while. But, I found out that if I work with either of the doctors there, that neither of them will actually deliver our baby. So I'll have to do some research to find someone who will be with us throughout the whole pregnancy.

For me, its how this tiny person (that's about the size of a sesame seed right now) growing inside me is totally affecting my stomach! I can't eat as much at each meal, because my stomach will hurt. I can't go long without eating, because my stomach will hurt. I can't bend over, because my stomach will hurt. I wake up, and my stomach hurts. (You get the picture...) Luckily, so far I haven't thrown up (thank God... P.S. If you're reading this God, please keep it that way!).

4 Weeks + 1 Day

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