Monday, May 17, 2010

Danielle is here!

Follow this link to Danni's blog and keep updated on her progress!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just When I Thought I Knew It All...

I think it's safe to say that I (and my mother) have been to enough ultrasounds by now to say that we're pretty competent in figuring out what they're looking for, what they're looking at, and the terminology they use. But I guess not!

A fellow named Dick called us back for the ultrasound. I thought it might be a little weird having a guy do the ultrasound. Though, when I think about it, it's just my belly (and when it's not so big, it gets seen at the beach, so what's the big deal?). I think I was thinking about when they tuck the towel into my pants, but of course, since he's a guy, he just handed me a towel, and asked me to do it.

He checked the amniotic fluid levels, saw her movements, but had troubles (as sometimes happens) seeing her practice breathing. (Depending on her position, her heart beat, since it's so slow, makes it difficult to tell the difference between her heart and her breathing.) So he tried something else. He went down to her face and looked at her nose. He turned on the Doppler (the red and blue colors that they normally look at blood flow with). We could see red and blue amniotic fluid going in and out of her nose! We saw her take some small breaths and one big breath! It was pretty neat.

Mom then asked if we were supposed to have another growth ultrasound. Dick said that it wasn't in the chart to, but he could do it, just in case. (They had scheduled a slow day, because they had people coming in to upgrade their computer systems.) So he took all her measurements and said that she weighed about 7 pounds 1 ounce!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Shower #3 - Adam's Family

We had our third and final baby shower today with Adam's family. Kitty & Kathy put on a lovely event at, what seems to have become, the Richter family gathering space. It was great to see both the men and women and kids of the family at the shower. Just as at most Richter family gatherings, there was food and people a-plenty, but this time there were many fun games also. We had a gift BINGO and lots of word scrambles, along with a mad libs story about the birth of our baby (who's name in the story turned out to be Elmo).

We were showered with gifts for baby, of course. I think Adam's favorite was a monkey backpack/harness that he had put on our registry. Though we really enjoyed getting Adam's baby blanket (made by his grandma Barb) and his baby moccasins from Adam's parents. Also, from my parents, we received the baptismal gown that my grandma Eleanor hand made for my dad, which I also wore. The gown was wrapped in a small quilt that she had also made out of scraps of fabric from a quilt project I had done when I was in high school (I coordinated the making of seventy-five quilts that were donated to Gillette's Children's Hospital in St. Paul).

Adam's monkey backpack/ harness

Adam's baby blanket made by Adam's
grandma Barb, and baby moccasins
(need to find a new lace for one of them!)

My dad's and my Baptismial gown,
hand made (she didn't have a
sewing machine at the time) by
my grandma Eleanor

Quilt made by my grandma Eleanor out of
scraps from a quilt project I did for Gillette's
Children's Hospital in St. Paul.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scheduled Baby's Birthday

I met mom at work early in the day to drive to our appointment with Dr. Gremmels. We didn't have to wait too long until Jeanine called us back to start the ultrasound. She first did the biophysical profile, and baby scored eight out of eight again, though the amniotic fluid was a little lower, but I don't think she could find a fourth pocket.

Dr. Gremmels came in and said we were doing quite a good job, and he was happy to see me past the 36 week mark. I told him we had decided to schedule a c-section, and would like to do that today. He was happy, and said that whichever cardiologist was on-call when we delivered would pass on everything to him to review and set up a plan for her surgery. I asked him about breast feeding her right away, and he said that usually about ten days after surgery mothers could start breast feeding. He said that sometimes with getting use to the new environment and having to breath on her own is enough work for her heart, and adding feeding in that is sometimes too much.

Jeanine then sent us across the hall to the nurse (who's name I've forgotten, but I think we've had her before). She took my weight and found that I haven't gained anything for the past two weeks. Though she didn't say anything, it somewhat concerns me since baby should be gaining about half a pound a week at this point. Then asked me the usual questions, and asked if we wanted to schedule the c-section. I told her that we were hoping to schedule it for May 17. She said she would check the openings for that day while we talked to Dr. Calvin.

When Dr. Calvin came in, I think he thought he would still have to convince us to schedule a c-section. But I told him right away that the nurse was checking the openings on May 17. He seemed relived and didn't have much to say after that.

Soon the nurse came back and said the only opening for May 17 was at 1:30 in the afternoon. I wasn't too happy with this, as I'm not supposed to have anything to eat or drink (not even water!) for eight hours before hand. But not to worry, she tells me, they'll put an IV in right away when I get there at 11:30am to keep me hydrated. (Oh great, so no food... which is when I get stomach aches and feel like I have to throw up -and not even water helps that feeling anyway-... AND I get to sit around for two hours before with a needle stuck in my arm the whole time... gee that will be such a relief!) Then she went through what will happen, step by step. When she told me that Adam would not be coming into the OR until after I was all numbed up and they were just about to cut me open, I stopped her. I said, "Oh no, Adam will be in there when they are sticking a giant needle into my spine, I don't care that they numbed the area." (I'm thinking there will be lots of small fights we will be putting up while I am going through this procedure.)

When I got home, I told Adam that I didn't want him leaving my side once they put the IV in my arm. Of course, once they pull baby out and bring her into the other room, he will go with her. But other than that, there is no reason for him to not be in the room with me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Shower #2 - Co-workers

After school today, my co-workers threw a baby shower for me! We went down to the lanes and had cake with little baby booties on it with little tiny bows tied on them. Then I opened gifts and visited with everyone.

Just about everyone went in on the group gift, but not everyone could make it down to the shower (though we did have our two token males, Ted & Jeff). Heidi said they were going to buy the travel system, but when she went to Target (apparently just after we had been to the same one and changed some items on our registry!) they one we had registered for is no longer being carried. So they got us the Pack N Play instead, along with lots of other little gifts. When we were there updating our registry, Adam saw a fuzzy blanket with a monkey on it and had to register for it. As I was opening the gifts, you can only guess what was in one of the bags! Adam's monkey blanket! One of my favorite gifts, though, was not from the group gifts, but from Sue. She made a little tiny cross bracelet for baby to wear when she's baptized, though I'm going to put it on her ankle while she is in the hospital.

Cross bracelet made by Sue
I got home before Adam, but when he got home and carried up the Pack N Play, I showed him what we all got. The first thing I showed him was the monkey blanket. He snatched it out of my hand and got really excited!

Adam's monkey blanket

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walking all Over Abbott

When Adam and I got to Abbott, we parked in our usual ramp and walked around the city blocks until we got to the main building. I was told to meet in the MAC, but neither Adam or I really knew what or even where that was. We asked a couple people for directions and got pointed there. Once we were sitting in there, we read the sign on the door and figured it all out "Maternal Assessment Center." Then we remembered Katy talking about it in our classes.

Nikki came in to meet us and gave us a tour of the birth center. She showed us the labor rooms (which were really small, but at least they were private). Then she showed us where the OR and delivery rooms were. (They have two rooms that are connected to another room in the middle. The room in the middle was where they will be taking baby after she is born to hook her up to everything and to make sure she is doing alright.) Then she showed us where the recovery rooms were and told us that they were "a little smaller than the delivery rooms." That didn't quite make sense to me, because that is when people will be coming to visit you and the baby. So why wouldn't they have the recovery rooms be a little bigger? She asked if we had any questions, and we had a few. Then led us back to the MAC.

When I got there, they pulled me back, through some kind of dirty/ messy rooms to a room that was a little cleaner, but very small and cramped (as were the hallways). We waited for Cindi to come in and do the ultrasound. Their machine was newer and more portable than those that the Perinatal clinic has, but much less fancy. The only had one probe (so no 3D's), and the image wasn't all that great. Baby got four of the points right away (for breathing and fluid), but it took her a while to get the other four points (she was sleepy). But she passed with eight out of eight! We left there and headed for the Perinatal clinic in another building.

Nina, a nurse, called us back and asked all the usual questions. I told her that I'm having some false labor, once in a while. But she didn't seem to concerned. When she finished, the familiar face of Dr. Calvin walked in. He, like Dr. Fairbanks last week, strongly suggested doing a c-section. Though he was a little less bold about it. He also brought up that if baby's heart rate does drop during labor, she could risk brain damage, if she can't get enough oxygen up there.

After talking with Dr. Calvin, Adam and I are discussing more and more about the idea of having a c-section instead. It would be safer for her. Plus, since they schedule them a week before your due date, we'd get to meet our baby girl a lot sooner!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dreams of Baby!

Last night I had a strange, but kind of exciting dream. I dreamt that I was in bed trying to sleep, but Adam hadn't come to bed yet. I couldn't sleep, because something didn't quite feel right. I wasn't sure if my water had broken or not, but I wasn't having contractions or anything. I finally called for Adam, but by the time he came upstairs, the baby was already born! So I picked her up and held her and we started to pack things up to go to the hospital. (we don't have our bags packed yet, but after having this dream, I want to get them packed ASAP!) But then I realized that we didn't have a car seat for her, so I wasn't quite sure how we were going to get her to the hospital. I was concerned about her heart and getting her checked by the doctor. Then I woke up. I remember she had a beautiful face, but her ribs/ chest was a little larger than normal. I'm not sure why, but later I was thinking maybe that was my brain's way of interpreting that she has a large heart.

Before the dream, I was getting anxious to meet our baby girl, but now I really want to meet her as soon as I can! I know though that it is best for her to stay in there as long as she can so her heart can develop more. So I will wait... as patiently as I can.