Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Shower #2 - Co-workers

After school today, my co-workers threw a baby shower for me! We went down to the lanes and had cake with little baby booties on it with little tiny bows tied on them. Then I opened gifts and visited with everyone.

Just about everyone went in on the group gift, but not everyone could make it down to the shower (though we did have our two token males, Ted & Jeff). Heidi said they were going to buy the travel system, but when she went to Target (apparently just after we had been to the same one and changed some items on our registry!) they one we had registered for is no longer being carried. So they got us the Pack N Play instead, along with lots of other little gifts. When we were there updating our registry, Adam saw a fuzzy blanket with a monkey on it and had to register for it. As I was opening the gifts, you can only guess what was in one of the bags! Adam's monkey blanket! One of my favorite gifts, though, was not from the group gifts, but from Sue. She made a little tiny cross bracelet for baby to wear when she's baptized, though I'm going to put it on her ankle while she is in the hospital.

Cross bracelet made by Sue
I got home before Adam, but when he got home and carried up the Pack N Play, I showed him what we all got. The first thing I showed him was the monkey blanket. He snatched it out of my hand and got really excited!

Adam's monkey blanket

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  1. I have to agree with Adam .. that monkey blanket looks pretty awesome ... and cuddle worthy!